Cross Washington Mountain Bike Route: aka gateway drugs PB Troy  

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(PB means presented by)

Well this is embarrassing.

This ride happened the third week of May and I’m hoping to “publish” this as September ends. It just seemed like such a monumental task each time I thought about sitting down to write something. I lost track of the hours spent writing, and maybe that’s for the best, but here it is nonetheless!

I hope you enjoy!

It is long enough I broke it into more easily digestible chunks. I really hope it isn’t too long; I wanted to capture all the detail at the risk of losing a few people. Feel free to read a section at a time, when you have a free weekend, with a cup of your favorite beverage!

Here is an index for simpler navigation:

Getting There

Day One: Sleepless Toward Seattle

Day Two: Navigationally Challenged in the Rain

Day Three: Surviving the Colockum

Day Four: Gaining Ritzville

Day Five: Riding with Thomas and the Finish Line!

Aharon’s Epic Finish

Gear List - woefully unfinished, I’ll get back to this, I promise


Now read this

XWA Gear List

In the interest of finally publishing the story, it will be just that for now; a list. Given some more time I may make this more detailed and add links. In the meantime, feel free to ask if there is a specific question: Bike: Open U.P... Continue →